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We are Ta Ted, a bespoke shoe studio that works towards making shoes the best part of your apparel. As they say every shoe tells a story, let us help  make your story. We craft shoes that are literally handcrafted for your feet. You Design, We Craft & We Ship.

Why would you need a bespoke shoes?

You're someone who has always done what they've wanted, you live on your own terms, and everything around you works your way, so why not your shoes? Your footwear is what makes you stand tall in every situation, so why not create your own unique footprint as " You're Uniq".


So here's what we do

We craft shoes just as you tell us you need them. You get to customize everything right from the design of the shoe, the hues,  to the shoe laces, the size and the whole shoe bang !

We use the Goodyear welted construction technology for your shoes, which is known world-wide for its premium quality. Goodyear welt makes your shoe stronger, long-lasting (more than 10 years or longer), and easier to replace the soles.

Each shoe we make takes the hard-work of 6 of our skilled craftsmen, a 200-step process, and lot of dedication.

In simple words when it comes to shoes – Your wish is our command.



And what do you get?

The shoe you get is 100% handcrafted, and just what you desire. You get your own unique footprint which nobody else in the world has, as your shoe is 100% customised and suits your personality like no other shoe can. You get your shoes that define you, and make you more confident each day, because a good shoe speaks more than the one who's wearing it.

Why go for a black or brown when you have variety in your own hands! Make your shoes as impressive as you are. Innovate, Customise, Wear. Because your feet, your shoes, your choice.


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