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How we Craft our shoe's

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    Once you've designed your shoe, we begin by creating a cardboard
    template, exclusively as per your selected design. Our shoe stylist visualizes
    how the shoe will look and prepares a model for reference. This model is then carefully
    mutated to a cardboard template, by individually cutting out various parts of the
    shoe from a cardboard sheet.

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    The upper or the front portion is the first thing we make. Your design is punched into
    the leather of your choice, fitted by our in-house experts and stitched together to form
    the upper. So if you select a brogue, we'll punch out a brogue upper from the leather
    you chose. Once the upper is completely assembled, it is fitted onto the last giving the
    shoe its basic form. It takes at least two days for the upper to properly
    absorb the shape of the last.

  • 3


    This is a critical part of the shoe making process (rather, art) and once we're convinced about the fitting, it is sewn to the
    innersole using the good year welt construction. Goodyear Welt shoes are far superior to their cheaper counterparts
    when it comes to construction. They allow air to flow in and out, keeping the shoe properly ventilated. At the same time,
    they are water resistant and durable. There is no entry path for groundwater to reach the shoe interiors from the insole,
    unlike the other shoe construction where there is a row of stitching through the face of the insole connecting it to the
    outsole there by allowing groundwater to seep in.

  • 4


    Not only are Goodyear Welt shoes relatively durable, they offer the highest level of comfort to the wearer
    because there's no layer of stitching on the face of the insole to irritate the soles of your feet after a long
    day of wearing them. Just for good measure though, we also glue a layer of cork to the bottom of the shoe,
    right after fitting the shank. This layer of cork is squeezed snugly into the sole to provide an added layer of
    comfort & insulation. The cork amalgam in the void between the ribs on either side of the insole will mold
    and slowly take the shape of your feet. Any excess leather is then trimmed off.

  • 5


    Our craftsmen stamp the outer sole of your shoe from Argentinian leather – the best quality leather,
    extremely durable & strong. This outer sole is then attached to the shoe and once again, the excess
    leather is trimmed off and channels are cut into the shoe for facilitating the sewing process. The sole
    is moistened and sewn to the shoe upper using the classic good year welt stitching technique.

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    The heel is made using layers of taut leather and is first trimmed to fit the sole.
    It is then attached to the sole and the heel & sole are adjusted and trimmed
    one final time before our artists decorate it themselves.

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    Ta Ted Logo

    The sole is coated with a layer of primer, which limits daily wear and
    tear and also enhances the look and feel. It is decorated by knocking
    small nails into the sole and now that your shoe stands assembled,
    the insole and company logo is inserted.

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    Your shoe is almost ready now, but not before we polish it with natural wax to bring out the brilliance of the
    color and luster. The finished shoes are carefully scrutinized several times before packing them for dispatch.
    The good things in life take time and we can assure you, they're worth the wait. The Goodyear welt construction
    takes time to assemble but what you get in return is a shoe that not only fits better and lets the leather
    breathe, but also lasts longer, sometimes upwards of a decade because it can be resoled if the sole wears out.


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