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Made to Order


  • size

    1. Your Size

  • leather

    2. Leather and Colour

  • Model

    3. Selecting Your Model

  • Sole

    4. Selecting Your Sole


1. Your Size

Providing us with the exact size of your feet is step of primary importance. If you already own
a pair of MTO shoes, albeit made by another shoemaker, please let us know the details, to ensure
utmost accuracy.

sizeHow to know my size

2. Leather and Colour

A variety of colours are available for: calf leather, scotch grain, suede and shell cordovan. Other
exotic leathers are also available on request.


3. Selecting Your Model

  • Slightly Elegantly elongated last with a square toe, with a longer and more stilted instep, full leather sole featuring hand-sewn goodyear welt construction.
    Last: The Jobs
  • With its extra width and exceptional comfort. A round cap last that we recommend for our derby models.
    Last: Musk
  • Slightly elongated toe and forepart for a slimmer look. Ideal for the long and narrow foot. Full leather sole featuring hand-sewn goodyear welt construction.
    Last: The Ma
  • Broad, Flat toe provides a roomier forepart. Ideal for the short and wide foot. Full leather sole featuring hand- sewn
    Last: The Einstein
  • Semi-round toe with a roomier forepart, Ideal for short and wide foot.
    Last: The Modi
  • With High toe cap, provides exceptional comfort for the toes, suitable for models produced with both welted and
    Last: The Wozniak
  • One of the newest last in TaTed workshop. This Last is elongated and has slightly stilted cap and higher instep. Full leather sole featuring hand-sewn goodyear welt construction.
    Last: The David
  • Our company's trademark the TaTed last, with a slightly pointed toe and more room over the instep leading a vintage look. Full leather hand-sewn goodyear welt construction.
    Last: The TaTed
Note: If you have any other design in your mind, we will love to handcraft a BESPOKE PAIR for you.

4. Selecting Your Sole

  • Black
  • Cognac
  • Tan
  • Burgundy
  • Single stitched sole
    with rubber sole
  • Single stitched with
    vibram rubber
  • Leather sole With
    vibram and brass nails

5. Payment and Delivery

You can pay in a number of ways, i.e.,bank transfer, credit and debit cards, and you can pick up your order
personally from our head office or have it delivered at your door.

Why unnecessarily use silicon pads in your shoe which you have to adjust every now and than,
when you can craft your shoe according to your feet arch.

A whole new system to offer you a huge range of possibilities to choose from.
Crowdsourced and made to order for you.
You are the one who decides what goes in the production!


If you have any questions or you request further information, you can contact us by email and we
will get back to you as soon as we can.

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